Baking Cookies

Golden week is the time when many will take on road trips in Japan. We did it last year but was tormented by the traffic. The traffic jams could last for hours. This year, other than visiting the Kamaboko factory which was 2 hours away from the place we live, we decided to take things easy.
I have not been baking cookies for years and thought it would be fun to do it together with my hubby and Hina.
My hubby was in-charge of the cookie dough and cutting out the gingerbread man shapes, and Hina and I were in-charge of the piggy cookies. Hina helped to cut out the nose and ears.

After the cookies were done, Hina used a chocolate pen to draw on them. It wasn't perfect but she certainly enjoyed it.

And this completed our afternoon - Our very first cookie- baking session!
My hubby enjoyed it so much that he suggested on baking bread next time :)